What’s available in your DJ package?


-2 Loud speakers on tripods (Electro Voice ETX15p + Hercules)
-2 Loud speakers on tripods (QSC KW12.2)
-2 Loud speakers on tripods (Bose S1 Pro) - battery powered
-2 Loud column speakers (LD Maui 5 Go) - battery powered
-1 Subwoofer (LD Systems: Stinger Sub 15")
-4 DJ controller (Pioneer 4-ch: SR, SX, SX2 & SX3)
-4 Wireless mics (Shure BLX24, BLX24R & SVX288 Dual System receivers, SM58/PG58 mics)
-1 Lavalier mic (Sennheiser XSW-D Lavalier Set) - wireless
-2 Corded mic (Sennheiser XS-1 Dynamic Cardiod)
-2 Wireless speaker receivers & transmitters 2.4GHz (Sennheiser XS Wireless Digital)
-2 Wireless speaker receivers & transmitters 540-570MHz  (Alto Stealth Pro)
-2 Wireless speaker receivers & transmitters 5.8GHz (McLelland UWA-SB5)
-3 Microphone stands (Hercules MS533B)
-1 Laser Show (CR Power 7 RGB Laser (500mw R + 150mw G + 400mw B)) - 12-character customisation
-4 RGBW LED par-can floor up-lights; 6-10hrs run-time (V-Show WBR0406)
-4 RGBW LED par-can lights on tripod (Rave - Example)
-2 Butterfly lights (Beamz RGBW LED & CR Razor RGBW LED)
-2 Lazers on tripod (AVE; magenta & green)
-8 LED up-lights (V-Show, 18W x6 wDMX) w/ wireless DMX controller
-1 Light bar on tripod (CR Mix Party Bar: Derby + LED Par + UV/Strobe + RG Laser)
-1 Band mixer (Behringer 12-ch Xenyx 1202 Mixer)
-1 Fog machine (DL Fog 1200w Smoke Machine)
-2 Bubble machines (AVE, 1 litre liquid per event)
-1 Projector 3000 lumens, 1280x800 (Ricoh PJ WX4240N)
-1 100" pull up projection screen 4:3 W:203cm x H:153cm (Example)
-1 50" Flat Screen LCD TV (Linden) on a tripod
-1 Audio recorder / interface (Tascam DR05x) - for outdoor recording / live stream
-1 Projector adjustable tripod workstation (Soundking DF136)
-1 Wireless presenter dongle, range: 15m (Logitech R400)
-1 Video Switcher (Atem Mini - Black Magic) - for live stream
-3 Action Cameras (2 GoPro 6 and 1 GoPro7) - for live stream
-3 Wireless HDMI TX and RX (Hollyland Mars: x2 300Pro & x1 400s) - for live stream
-3 Monitors (Feelworld: x2 7", x1 5" ) - for live stream
All power cables, power boards, fittings, adapters, clamps and sundries (batteries, gaffer tape, etc) Public indemnity insurance Policy #XLPER106285LIAB & electrical safety tags (renewed annually) Set-up, travel, sound-test, tear-down & parking (bump-in approx. 1-3 hours prior to avoid traffic & settle in) Music consultation, research, sourcing, beat-grids, cues & sequencing prior (approx. 3.5 hrs bts) Back-up speech recordings for your videographer / yourselves Any important song edits (shortening, lengthening & mashups for formalities / choreographies) DJ performance: transitions, interaction & crowd reading
There are many different levels of DJs from beginner to seasoned professionals.

When comparing DJ packages, keep in mind the DJ's
- Skill (beat-mixing & song selection/sequence)
- Crowd-read capability
- Experience (working with venues, vendors & guests)
- Person-ability & customer service (responsiveness, adaptability to your needs & punctuality)
- Equipment quality & availability
- Presentation / tidiness / safety measures
- Popularity / credibility (what others say)

More tips on researching your DJ.
1) Check out their reviews
2) Listen to their mixes (Mixcloud) or attend one of their public events, and
3) Check if they can perform and crowd-read live (video footage might show some of this)
The DJ package rate will depend on the:
- Duration of the DJ service/set
- Equipment configuration tailored to your event (no. of guests & dimension of the room(s))
- Music preparation (playlists, theme research, sequencing, sourcing, editing & cues)
- Logistics time: travel, parking, bump-in, set-up & pack-up time & bump-out
- Any special requirements (audio recordings, additional equipment/speakers, showcase practice, etc)
- Any additional roady(s) for larger events to assist with logistics & sound monitoring

No two DJs are ever the same (as mentioned in the earlier faq) especially in terms of:
- Experience with events/venues
- Person-ability & customer service
- Crowd-reading capability
- Equipment quality & availability

For the best possible recommendation and an accurate quote for your event, please complete the contact form and you'll receive a response within 24-72hours.
The sooner the better to avoid missing out.
It is recommended to book 6-12 months prior to your event.
To secure a booking, a $150 deposit is required.
Payment options include: Bank Deposit, Paypal, Cash, Beem-It, Pay ID & AfterPay

Very simple announcements can be made from the DJ booth to help facilitate the smoothness of your event e.g.
-asking guests to be seated for their meals/formalities
-shout-outs (birthdays and song dedications)
-wrapping up the evening with last drinks/songs.

It is highly recommended to hire a full-time MC such as
Robyn Pattison.
Jeremiah Hartman

Great MCs aren't just MCs reading out scripts. They:
- Make your event run smooth as butter
- Are articulate, engaging & confident
- Raise the energy levels in any room
- Quick thinkers & problems solvers (always on their feet)
- Have the perfect blend of person-ability and professionalism
- Help run activities & games, and encourage a busy dance-floor
- Have extensive planning experience.

On a big event day, they are the thumbtack that holds everyone & everything together. Truly an art form!

Yes, my song suggestions can be found on my Spotify profile (we can add and remove songs from these lists, or come up with a completely new playlist)

It's recommended to share your favourite music via playlist(s) with one or more of the online platforms below for efficiency (and song accuracy): 
- Spotify
- Youtube
- Apple Music
- Tidal
- Soundcloud
- Amazon Music

Playlists should be submitted 1-2 weeks prior if via one of the online platforms above.

As a last resort, playlists can also be supplied via Word / Excel / Google Sheets/ Email / USB (formatted to exFat) / Dropbox / Google Drive however will need to be provided no later than 2-3 weeks prior to the event.

These deadlines are set to allow enough time for preparations (sourcing, sorting, beat-griding & any additional research/building of playlists) as well as for coping with high-demand during busy seasons.

As a guideline approximately 20-35 songs can be played and mixed per hour.

It's OK to supply extra ("too many") songs to work with especially if guests have made requests prior to the event and I can help you short-list the ones we will use.

It is also OK to supply a handful of ("not enough") songs and I will fill in the gaps to stick to the theme.

For weddings, a customised Google Sheet will be provided to help you plan all your music, containing:
Ceremony: aisle, signing and recessional songs.
Canape: usually an extension of the dining music theme for your reception.
Reception: bridal entrance, dining, cake cutting, first dance(s), bouquet, garter, dancing, games and farewell songs.

Yes, we can cue songs from certain parts (e.g. for entrance into an event / marching up to the lectern, aisle walks, etc)

We will confirm the version of the song we would like.

All you need to do is advise the time-stamp on each song you want to start and finish at a certain time.

Preferred sources to purchase music, research trends & stay up to date include;

- Djcity
- mp3Million
- iTunes/Apple Music
- Spotify
- Youtube
- Soundcloud
- Mixcloud
- BandCamp
- ARIA/Billboard/Hot100
  • DJDumplings-Sources-Charts-Music

Yes, more than happy to take requests. Any songs I don't have can be downloaded on the fly subject WIFI connections.

An AUX cable will be available however is not recommended due to the uncertain song quality on a guest's phone. The AUX cable is usually ideal for musician's exclusive backing tracks or rare music which is hard to obtain.

Some of my previous customers have even asked their guests to submit songs they like in their RSVPs to their events - which is a great idea to get to know your guests taste in music.

Yes! I love hearing music from around the world and would be more than happy to spin non-English music.

In recent years I have had the opportunity to mix various cultural themes with Western music (e.g. Bollywood, Greek, KoreanCroatian, Chinese, Spanish)

If you would like this option, please supply the names of the songs in a playlist (Youtube/Spotify), email, Word doc or Excel sheet.

Yes! More than happy to collaborate and provide all the essential outputs for our lovely videographer to record audio (important speeches and/or performances) transmitted through our microphones, instruments & music from the DJ controller.

Here are the most common ways to connect/supply audio recordings for videographers:
- Using a line-out of my DJ controller by plugging into via 1/4" jack, RCA or XLR (or behind my loud speaker)
- Back-up AIFF uncompressed audio files direct from my DJ software & controller (Serato DJ Pro)
- Strapping a recording device around the microphone and / or onto the lectern

If we are using your venue's in-house microphone, the recording of speeches will organised between your videographer, yourself and the venue. (videographers often strap a recording device on or near the in-house mic / have access to the venue's sound system hidden in the back-end).
Yes! More than happy to collaborate with our lovely band.

Plug-in options include:
- Band's mixer connected into the DJ controller via RCA / XLR / 1/4" jack (Pioneer DDJSX3) *preferred
- 1/4" jack and/or XLR via this mixer (Behringer Xenyx)

Benefits to plugging into my sound system:
- Reduce clutter created by multiple sound systems in a limited space
- Offers the band the flexibility to easily disconnect & wrap-up their set if they finish before the DJ

Wireless & wired microphones can be lent to any singers (see Equipment List above).

Any singer's backing track can be accepted for their performance but must be supplied no later than 1 day prior to the event via email / Dropbox / Google Drive.
Arrival will be 1.5 - 3 hours prior to event start time depending on the level of set-up & logistics required, sound checks to conduct (especially with MC/performer) & settling in (freshening up before performing).

Some of the early bump-in time will also be allocated to:
- Briefing with our planner(s), MC(s), venue manager and/or any other vendors (e.g. pyrotechnics).
- Parking the vehicle safely (sometimes off-site depending on venue)
Yes! A portable battery powered sound system is available for hire (max. 3-4 hour duration).

The DJ console will need to be kept under shelter to stay cool during the hot season and dry from wet-weather.
x2 Bose S1 Pro 8" loud speakers on tripods (<250 guests)
x1 Pioneer DDJSR 2-ch controller w/ Macbook Pro + SeratoDJ Pro
x1 Sennheiser XSW-D XS Wireless Digital Vocal Set w/ XS1 Mic
x1 Lifetime foldable trestle table w/ black or white scrim
- All power cables, power boards and sundries (batteries, gaffer tape, etc)
- Public indemnity insurance Policy #20507334401015 & electrical safety tags
- Set-up, travel, sound-test, tear-down & parking
- Music consultation, research, sourcing, beat-grids, cues & sequencing prior (approx. 1.5-2hrs bts)
- DJ performance: transitions, crowd read & interaction (requests)
For ceremonies (wedding nuptials):
- Any aisle song edits required (e.g. lengthening the song if there are lots of bridesmaids/groomsmen/party, ring barer and flower girls - otherwise can cue a 2nd song)
- Consider music for: pre-ceremony set, cuing aisle, signing + recessionals songs, post-ceremony set

Yes! I hold a valid certificate with AON insurance to cover Public Liability.

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Most of my power cables have been tested and tagged by a registered electrician for safety and compliance with most venues, council work and festivals.

Yes! I hold a Working With Children Check certificate.

  • WWC1900721E Dj Dumplings Damus Chu Exp: April 2024

Yes please if possible.

Alternatively I would be happy to arrange this either directly with your venue or and external party.

No, a meal is not required but that would be nice if there was. Most venues will offer a vendor special.
If you would like to feed me, I have no dietary requirements i.e. doesn't have to be dumplings 🥟😂. 
Part of the fun in working at events is dressing up!
You can be confident your DJ will look the part and possibly blend in with guests.
Formal attire will usually be worn unless specified otherwise (e.g. a themed event)
  • Dj Dumplings Uniform
    Black Tie + Navy Blue Suspenders + Coffee Trousers Photo credit: @brenmakasih
  • Dj Dumplings Uniform
    Coffee Bow Tie + Navy Blue Suspenders + Gravel Grey Trousers Photo credit: @larahotzphotography
  • Dj Dumplings Uniform
    Theme: Chinese New Year - Council / Corporate / Public event.
  • Dj Dumplings Uniform
    Red Paisley Neck Tie + Navy Blue Suspenders + Coffee Trousers Photo Credit: @CapturedFrames
  • Dj Dumplings Uniform
    Coffee Bow Tie + Coffee Suspenders
  • Dj Dumplings Uniform
    Black Bow Tie + Navy Blue Suspenders

Current ensemble options:
- Bow Tie - Coffee/Black Floral/Dark Maroon (Otaa)
- Neck Tie - Black Lucca / Burgundy Voltri Paisley (Politix)
- Leather Suspenders - Navy Blue / Coffee
- White Basket Weave Kings Slim Fit Shirt (Ben Sherman)
- Slim Skinny Trousers - Black/British Tan/Gravel Grey  (Dickies WP803)
- Black Leather Boots (Hush Puppy Carter)