Hello, my name is Damus Chu and go by the alias name “DJ Dumplings”, a professional Sydney DJ hire service! My speciality includes customising audio and visual requirements for Corporate, Wedding, Birthday, Formals and Dance Battle events. Besides that, I travel between metro Sydney and greater Sydney to your special location to perform. Therefore this makes me one of the most flexible and versatile DJs in Sydney, Australia.




Here are some of my milestones as a DJ below.
Drop The Beat I, II &  furthermore III (2016, 2017 & 2018), also
Impression DJs (2007 – 2018), also
Funk You Up Hip Hop DJ (2018), also
Haymarket Chamber of Commerce Banquet DJ (2017 & 2018), also
Asian Beer Café, Father’s Office, The Shaw Davey Slum and finally The Bank (2014-2017), also
UTS Straight From The Underground I & II (2016/2017), also
UNSW D2MG XII anniversary hip hop DJ (2017), also
UYSD Synergy XII anniversary All-Style Dance Battle DJ (2017), also
Innov8tion, Inner West Council All-Style Battle DJ (2017), also
Dance Collab hip hop DJ (2017), also
Breakin’ Borders 2nd Year Anniversary Breakdance DJ (2017), also
UTS Winter Festival Hip Hop DJ (2016), also
Hip Hop Showdown Vol.3 Hip Hop DJ (2016), also
UTS Chessboxin’ I Breakdance & Popping Hip Hop DJ (2016), also
UTS Breakin’ Bad Breaking and Popping DJ (2014), also
Las Risa Guest DJ, and also Ropongi Australia Bar Guest DJ (2010) Tokyo

Having experience in clubs, bars, dance competitions and private performances, I offer a dynamic, all-rounded and most importantly specialised DJ hire package. Therefore an expert in sound, visual and entertainment.

Why choose my DJ hire service?

As a full-time DJ hire business, I spend most of my time getting to know your needs and making your event better! My daily tasks will include; researching, sourcing, sorting, preparing, practice mixing and sequencing music. Other times, it will be maintaining sound & visual effects equipment, reviewing previous performances, running DJ workshops and meeting my lovely clients.

Thanks to my previous customers who have left me some kind words and reviews about my DJ hire services.

Having worked with over 50 organisations over the decade, I will bring lots of experience to your event.

Within a multi-cultural and diverse community we live in, consequently some of my clients would love to hear a few non-English songs they are fond of in languages such as; Chinese, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Croation, Cambodian andIndian. We will discuss and compile the perfect playlist because we want to cater to both you and your guests. I love music from around the world!

Dj Dumplings in Action!

For more details, see frequently asked questions (FAQs) here. Make an enquiry here.

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