Here’s a bunch of mixtapes I’ve uploaded onto Mixcloud.


Popular’ features popular commercial numbers played in bars and private gigs.

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World‘ features music from around the world; Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Greek, Laos, Indian (Bollywood and Punjabi) and Cambodian music.

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Wedding‘ features music compiled and compiled for special parts of your big day such as the ceremony, canape and reception. Many of these mixes are inspired by playlists built for previous customers.

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Competitions‘ features music used at dance battles in Sydney hip hop competitions; Breakin’Bad, Chessboxin, Straight From The Undergroud, Drop The Beat, DanceCollab, Hip Hop Show Down, Innov8tion, Funk You Up and Drop The Beat I, II & III.

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Favourites‘ features personal favourites, experimental transitions and style.

Music that doesn’t always suit my regular gigs but rather tracks I want to hear in a mixtape at a given point in time.

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