A picture tells a thousand words, so a video will tells a billion of them.
Here are a handful of videos I shot from behind the DJ booth over the past couple of years.







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Otherwise here’s my detailed accounts of each fun-filled gig below.
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Congratulations Linda & Cong

Celebrating Linda and Cong’s wedding at Zilver Chinese Restauarant for a 300 plus strong guest list.
We used fun music for bridal party entrance, bouquet throwing, questions game and lots of dancing at the end.
My mates from Snapcity also provided their photobooth services.

Congratulations Ken & Krystle

Was a pleasure working alongside Zaimon’s band to celebrate Ken and Krystle’s wedding at the Manly Novotel Hotel on 22nd April 2017.
We were able to connect keyboard, acoustic guitar, 2 vocals and 1 DJ into our sound system.
Also we were able to provide 1 line to the videographer for recording.
Was a fun filled night filled with laughs and smiles. Been DJ’ing for this family since 2009, and will continue to do so for many years.

Melbourne Easter Party @ The Shaw Davey Slum

It’s always going to be a crazy night delivering my DJ set to locals and students at The Shaw Davey Slum.
We transition between all our favourite tunes. Party continuously till the bar closes.
Sometimes we bounce music ideas between ourselves. Interact with each other. Play the tracks we like to create real-time vibe.
Every other time, I’ll have pre-meditated theme (shower thoughts).
In many ways, DJing to me is like playing in or like a band, harmonising all those instruments.

Breakin’ Borders Bboy X Bgirl Jam 2017

Proudly supporting the Breakin’ Borders dance competition / anniversary 5th February at Club 80 Proof.
Sponsored by Crossover Dance Studio and 3Styler Originals. Prepared a 5 hour DJ battle set. Click here for gig review.

Partying in Melbourne?

No-one holds back when partying in Melbourne between the gooch of Christmas and NYE. 
Burn city cements its reputation in being one of the most liveable and vibrant cities in the world. 
Catch me spinning in Melbourne on a monthly basis.

Murray’s Christmas Party 2016

The best parties are ones where people are dancing.
An old friend asked me to DJ this corporate party for the infamous bus and coach company, Murrays.
This was held at the iconic Italian Village – Venice Room.

Chessboxin’ Hip Hop Dance Competition

Proud to be back for the 3rd UTS Hip Hop Society dance event so far.
Some of the best dancers from around Sydney come together to duke it out for 1st place.
Check out the “Official Chessboxin’ Mixtape” that peaked at #68 in the “breaks” mixcloud category.

Halloween 2016

Celebrating Halloween in the heart of Melbourne CBD, at Asian Beer Cafe (ABC) where DJ Dumplings holds a monthly residency.
ABC is famous for their intricate theme decorations.
Definitely, this is one of Melbourne’s icons and bucket list items.
The best dressed won $1,000 bar tab!

Thursdays at Asian Beer Cafe

One of the most mental nights throwing a resident show at Asian Beer Cafe.
Not bad for a standard Thursday night in October, had to tape that manic.
It’s amazing how you can interact without using a microphone.
Can you spot the guy dabbing my entire set?

Drop The Beat Hip Hop Competition

Was invited to a high level popping (hip hop style) and all-style competition by Johann Yong, a member of the AUX crew.
This was held at Oz Dance Centre on 17th September 2016.
Blessed with the presence of guest judge Popping ED.

Residencies in Melbourne

Here is a compilation of good times had across 3 venues.
DJ Dumplings will spend a week every month in Melbourne performing shows at Father’s Office, The Shaw Davey Slum and Asian Beer Cafe.
New friends, old friends and patrons enjoying quality drinks and quality music.

DJ Transitions

DJ Dumplings wanted to document some of his DJ transitions for the world to see.
This way he can keep track on how his style evolves over the next couple of years.

The Promo-Video

This was the early days of DJ Dumplings when he was known as “DJ Damus”.
He made this video as a promo-video to showcase the ambience and technique in transitioning two songs.

The Beginnings of Club DJ’ing

DJ Dumplings enjoying his brand new DJ equipment, the Pioneer DDJSX in Melbourne city.
Showcasing mixing, optimising with equalizers, phrasing,  and of course the sample pads.
DJ Dumplings debuted strong, and remains a dedicated and passionate Australian DJ.