Whether you’re at home, at work, the gym, playing sport or your backyard there is a mixtape for you.
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Featuring popular commercial tunes played in Melbourne bar; Asian Beer Cafe, The Shaw Davey Slum, Father’s Office and The Bank.

Also popular tunes played at gigs across the Sydney area.

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Featuring music from around the world such as; Greece, Bollywood and China.

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Featuring battle music from major Sydney hip hop dance competitions such as; Breakin’Bad, Chessboxin, Straight From The Undergroud, Drop The Beat, DanceCollab, Hip Hop Show Down and Innov8tion.

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Featuring personal favourites and experimental boiler room style transitions.

Music that doesn’t always suit my regular gigs but rather tracks I want to hear in a mixtape at a given point in time.

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Featuring themed music from a favourite artists and a sub genre of a major genre that deserves its own category (as niche as it could seem). Click on “UP NEXT” to see the range.