What does your DJ package include?

A full sound system will be provided:
-2 club speakers mounted on tripods hire
-1 cordless mic (with a spare corded mic) hire
-LED disco lights (for the dancing part of the event) hire
-DJ controller/decks hire
-Optional fog machine (for outdoor events)
-Optional lazer (to complement the fog machine)
-The music & music consultation
-Set-up/pack-up, travel and an optional foldable table (if you don’t have enough tables)
-All power cables and power boards will be provided
-3-6 hours of DJ performance (additional hours can be booked)

Do you mix our music?

Yes, most of your preferred music will be professionally mixed from start to finish of your event.
See my mixtapes for a taste.
Industry-standard equipment will be used and I bring over a decade of DJ experience.
This means you will experience club level track transitions and a lively vibe.

How much do you charge?

The rate is based on the type of event (different events types require certain amounts of music preparation) and seasonality.
Please submit an enquiry using the contact form to find out more.

When do I need to book my DJ in?

Between September and March of each year, it is recommended to book at least 3 months prior to your event given the larger volume of functions across corporate, formals, weddings and end-of-year parties.
Between April and August approximately 2 months prior. A deposit will be required to secure the event date.

How do you manage your music?

A spreadsheet will be provided upon making your booking which include prompts to include dinner, dance, entrance (for example bridal entrance, or corporate awards), cake cutting, first dance, bouquet, garter and farewell songs. Also happy to set-up a Google Docs or accept your Spotify playlists to arrange your music.

You can choose music as detailed as you like (artists and track names) or select genres/themes/era’s and let your me work to your brief. You can even request for certain parts of important songs to be cued at the desired time (e.g. entrance, cake cutting and first dance). Clean edits may also be used for your event.

Do you stream or purchase music?

Most music have been pre-purchased / or purchased prior to your event. I will source  music from credible sources such as DJ City / mp3million / iTunes where royalties are paid to the recording artists and their labels. Music can be downloaded at your event for a request / on-the-fly however subject to wifi connections. An AUX cable can be used in-case an exclusive/private track cannot be downloaded (e.g. your band’s pre-released track).

Do you work with bands?

Yes, I am happy to provide a line-in for your band members to plug into so that your venue is not over-crowded with too many sound systems / speakers. Plug-in options include 1/4″ jack, RCA or XLR (balanced) audio cable(s) from the DJ controller to the band’s mixer. This also gives the band the flexibility to disconnect easily if they finish their gig before the DJ set.

A microphone can also be supplied for singers and we can accept their backing track. Alternatively both a line-in and microphone can be supplied for an acoustic performer.

Can the videographer record our speeches?

Yes, if the speakers are using the DJ’s sound system for speeches. Usually videographers use a line-out by plugging into via 1/4″ jack, RCA or XLR. If we are using your venue’s in-house microphone, the recording of speeches will be done via your venue (the videographer will either connect a recording device to the in-house mic / have access to the venue’s sound system).

When will you arrive?

I will arrive approximately 1 – 1.5 hours before the start time to set-up and conduct sound checks.
This extra time will also allow for a quick briefing prior to the start of your event with organisers such as MC’s, venue manager and other vendors.

Can you play outdoors?

Yes, providing the DJ console is under shelter to keep the equipment cool from the sun and dry from wet-weather. Also the power cables will need to be protected from the weather.  Power generator hire for an isolated / secluded event location can be included at an extra cost.

Can you MC as well?

No, however I would be more than happy to make short announcements to facilitate the smoothness of your event such as;
-asking guests to be seated for their meals/formalities
-shout-outs (birthdays and song dedications) and
-wrapping up the evening with last drinks/songs.

Do you have public indemnity insurance?

Yes, I hold a certificate with AON insurance to cover Public Liability up to $20,000,000.
The certificate can be viewed here on the “collaborations” tab (scroll down).

Do you require car parking?

Yes, that would be ideal preferably on-site where the venue is.
Some venues offer this free-of-charge for vendors especially if the venue is located in a high traffic area.
Bump-in via loading dock will also be ideal to wheel-in all the DJ equipment.

Does the DJ require a vendor-meal?

That would be nice but not necessary.

What will you be wearing?

Unless specified, I will always dress formally (tie and white shirt) or smart-casual (collared shirt) depending on the event.
The DJ console will also be kept neat and tidy with all the audio and power cables gaffer taped safely.